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A united Nordic region

Our Nordic countries have a lot in common, but also a number of different cultures, which make our countries strong and interesting. This is a painting I painted from Riisitunturi in northern Finland. A fantastic magnificent mountain nature, with a fantastically beautiful and long winter, which I deeply wish should be preserved and not be affected by natural climate change. It is my hope and dream. I am a member of Kuusamo Pojhola Norden.


Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

Hilma Niva, Karesuando school year 5 dreams of this in the future Karesuando


Healthcare and care across borders.

In the northern Nordic countries, the distances are long, we live and often operate on two different national borders. Community services, such as pharmacies, may be geographically closer to Finland than to Sweden. In a future Nordic region, I as a Swedish citizen would be able to pick up prescription medicine in the pharmacies closest to me. Whether it is in Sweden or Finland. It would also be valuable with elderly care and home health care that could have a catchment area on both sides of a national border.



Show respect for the Sami living conditions

by Ingrid, Luleå

[Submitted via web form]


North job for everyone!

No one can take their own experience from one - from anyone! 1946-04- 30 I saw the light of day! When our first-born child 1971-07-05 went to high school, he took NORD job as a holiday job a few summers in Iceland and Norway! THAT was probably the most valuable thing he did growing up! THE NORTHERN JOB is something that should be marketed far better than I understood is the case at present during corona times until the spring of 2022! / Cee

[Submitted via web form]


Forest walk 2075

Hedda, 11 years



The robots do all the work

Ruben, 8 years



Lustful and creative creation for seniors

With Havremagasinet's art exhibitions as an idea, we in the +60 group get inspiration and an offer for an educational activity that aims to arouse our joy of discovery and creative desire.


Facilitate the Nordic media landscape

Facilitate the exchange between the Nordic countries' media by removing the payment wall for, for example, TV and print.

- The association Norden Umeå

[via workshop]


Young people's visions of the Nordic region's future

The associations Nordens Ungdomsförbunds organized the seminar "A sustainable Nordic region" and also gathered future visions from young people who come around the Nordic region.



"I dream of a Nordic region where plants and people can flourish, and where the word" Norrland "is described as what it is - a part of the country - instead of a casual, fuzzy area far away and high up. I dream of a Nordic region where the knowledge of Norrbotten's places, Västerbotten's lakes, Jämtland's history and Lapland's songs are blooming like never before. "

Ida from Finland (Accommodation in Växjö)



Digital meetings

Digital meetings between the Nordic associations on the North Calotte

Odd-Arne, Tromsö

[via poster at the North Calotte Conference]