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Life in the north - cooperation, nature and opportunities

Some things that I see as important in the northern parts of the Nordic region:

- More cross-border cooperation - ensure that people in the north have the same opportunities and rights as in the south. Then it may be best to work across borders and find common solutions.

- Nature is important and people appreciate and protect it in the future as well. The same opportunities to enjoy nature and be one with it.

- Educational opportunities for young people - There are long distances between the cities in the north. In the future, there will be several digital solutions in teaching, but there must also be opportunities for young people to meet and get the feeling of belonging with other students. Maybe a physical place where you can do distance / hybrid studies where students can study together with other young people who do not study the same subject?

- Maria, Rovaniemi


Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

Our dreams; year 4-6 Karesuando school


Protect the forest! - Biodiversity instead of simplicity

I dream of a Nordic region where constructive co-operation can prevent the last real forests - then not tree fields called forests! - from being protected for all time to come. A Nordic region that thus cooperates for biological diversity, something that is now too often instead ground down to biological simplicity!

The picture of devastated forest is taken from Lillpite in Norrbotten, but could just as easily come from any of the real forests that are felled on the assembly line right now.

Lars, Piteå

[via Facebook]


Joint responsibility for nature

I dream of a Nordic region where we together take responsibility for our nature so our future generations also have the opportunity to experience all the beauty. A lisa for the soul.

Margit, Boden

- Own photos

[via Facebook]


My north that I carry in the heart of my children and grandchildren

I wish that the north I love will remain the safe place it is now. That we can preserve the nature we are fortunate to have, clean air, lots of forest, mountains, lakes, close to the sea. Birch groves, cobs and skerries. Our future.


Common time zone in the Nordics?

Soon it's time to switch to winter time again. We can do it. Nevertheless, more and more of us think that the advantages of two adjustments to the clock each year do not outweigh the disadvantages. In March 2019, the European Parliament said the same thing. The aim is now set for Europe to stop switching to and from summer time in 2021. Maybe some countries choose to keep summer time all year round, others choose normal time. Do we get a patchwork quilt with time zones in Europe?

For me, it is important that the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden agree on a common time zone.

We are used to Finland being one hour ahead of the other Scandinavian countries. When the Finns have time for work, Swedes, Norwegians and Danes are on their way out of bed. But is not it time to change that now? The benefits would be great, both practically and symbolically.

The westernmost point of our four countries is in Norway. The easternmost point of the countries is in Finland, but just over 30 km further east than Norway's easternmost point. It is two hours between zenith in the easternmost and westernmost parts of our countries.

If Norway can live with one and the same time zone for its entire country, the entire Nordic region can do so. Finland can adapt to the other countries, but it is also possible to do the opposite.

Ideally, the Baltic countries should also be included in the time zone. No Baltic country has its easternmost point further east than Finland.

The difficulty with a common time zone for the Nordic and Baltic countries is how it relates to neighboring countries. Denmark and Sweden want e.g. included in the same time zone as Germany and others. countries on the continent. Is it important for Finland to be part of the same time zone as western Russia? Hardly now after Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Now is the time to start a collaboration on what the watches in the Nordics will show in the future. Now that the corona crisis has subsided - why not hold a seminar at government level in the waiting room at Haparanda-Torneå travel center? Two buses can depart from there at the same time, where the clock of one bus shows 11 (en route to Sweden) and the other 12 (en route to Finland).

Bo, Malmö

[via mail]


Joint action for Nordens Vattenliv

Form an international Water Council that is about protecting and correcting previous mistakes against water, nature and the environment.

A) -The goal is to ultimately have a favorable co-operation in the Nordic countries to save the Kvarken, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Bothnian Sea, in short the Baltic Sea from, for example, continued overexploitation with trawlers, environmental damage, etc. and through the work to inform and inspire others with our example.

Planning for the Sport Fishing Fair in Stockholm in a year, 2023: Invitation to all parties to receive information and participate in the - hopefully - future, Swedish National Water Council Association.

My view is that cooperation is needed for us to succeed in stopping the continued devastation of watercourses that are the basis for life and sea health.

B) The aim is to first clarify the shortcomings in the Swedish government's handling of EU directives, - (which at present looks likely to be decided next year and which in practice will legitimize the lack of continued restoration and improvement measures in over half of all our watercourses in Sweden) -, in order to have the government's preparatory work to apply to all Swedish watercourses, without exception, with broad support from all stakeholders.

Planning for the Sport Fishing Fair: Stellan Hamrin will shed light on the current situation in lecture / s. The work of getting more speakers / informants is underway.

The implementation at the Sport Fishing Fair is intended as a preparatory program item; -s (lectures), inform with facts about needs that migratory fish, salmon, trout, eels, etc. have as well as vital environmental, ponds, power plants and more and problems such as thiamine deficiency, Furunculosis and much more. Problems for other species through sea and sea-based fish farms with the environmental damage they cause, etc.

The strategy is to recruit members by using the Information Program to create interest where the hope is that those who want to continue in a joint work to develop the Water Council's work and make our waterways a priority goal to reduce the damaging effects of extensions, dams, etc. and in line with the commitment of our surrounding countries, become members of the National Water Council Association, which at the closing meeting, in a room provided at the fair, can appoint a board for continued work in the National Water Council.

A constituent meeting concludes the board meeting. The work with statutes, company registration, registration, organization number etc. follows and can be handled via "hybrid meetings" via computer for a first Annual General Meeting with subsequent member meeting to confirm statutes etc.

The goal is then in the work to get a joint Nordic involvement in a Nordic water council, preferably under your "umbrella". I know that in Finland, for example, several local projects are underway in stream water to save migratory fishermen's former spawning and rearing areas. This applies to salmon-like fish, eels and others.

A year ago, I received a positive response from the Nordic Council and continue to work on this "project".

At the same time, I am not unaware of the, right now, all-encompassing development of events with invasion, war, with not in the wildest imaginable consequences, that Russia started - such a sad and disgusting reminder of how they even once acted against Finland where my parents' siblings, cousins and others, both acquaintances and relatives, lose their lives. An action by Russia, which is completely unworthy of action for a country that is called contemporary at all.

At the same time, as a counterweight, we must continue to strive for our values, give them the power of unity and cooperation in all contexts, the environment, the climate, socially and socially in democracy.

So my hope is that we can eventually get to work that internationally protects our aquatic life forms from extinction. Just as the climate goals feel almost insurmountable to reach, our waters are so damaged that far too many wild species are already on the verge of bursting. A retake is needed!

With the hope that we will see each other by the waters

Harry, Vetlanda

[Submitted by email]


Young people's visions of the Nordic region's future

The associations Nordens Ungdomsförbunds organized the seminar "A sustainable Nordic region" and also gathered future visions from young people who come around the Nordic region.



- Anna, Boden

[via Instagram]


Do not use the sledgehammer unnecessarily

A Nordic region that does not behave as it did during the pandemic. There are many examples of how the border population was treated. Preventive crisis management so you can be as uniform as possible when it burns. Solidarity between the countries and do not resort to the grand slam unnecessarily.

Birgit, Halland

[via Facebook]


We are pioneers for the future Nordic region

In my vision, there are no boundaries in terms of socializing, mobility, education and work that are beneficial to us who live and work in the Nordic region. The feeling of "being at home" even though you are in another Nordic country is something I hope my children and grandchildren will experience. We adults are forerunners of the future Nordic region. What we sow today the next generation will reap and no one wants a bad harvest. #North Perspective

Ola, Haparanda

[published in Haparandabladet 22 Apr 2022]


The unifying forces of music

I want to emphasize the unifying forces of music through our Nordic countries
composers: Grieg, Sibelius and others. Music connects, not least today.

It is a source of joy and encouragement. Nordic concerts should be given in
TV, radio and other channels. Each Nordic country could offer one
Music programs on Saturday evenings, for example. The power of music strengthens and inspires.
Concerts from Copenhagen, Oslo, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Helsinki… ..
Various musicians: organists, violinists, trumpeters and more.
Nordic services could also be broadcast on radio.

This could strengthen the cultural ties between our Nordic countries
Countries. Nature programs could also be of interest - environments in different places.
Fishing - we were in Torshavn when the whale suddenly visited. A course
Which was held at the folk high school for a few days that I will never forget!

Nordic culture binds us together. Northern perspective!

With kind regards
Marie Haldemark
Learn musician
former chairman of the Nordic Association Jönköping

[Submitted by email]