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Let the humanities be implemented in the transformation of society

Work to ensure that the humanities and their expressions are implemented in early plans of the social transformation, not come at the end

The Culture and Language Communities Working Group
The North Skull Conference 2022


Competence supply across borders

In order to ensure safe and accessible welfare and community services, as well as recruitment for the new green industries, a cross-border Nordic work with competence supply and attractiveness for cities and sparsely populated areas in the northern Nordic region is proposed.

The working group People, nature & adaptation
The North Skull Conference 2022


Educate about the Sami perspective

In order to be able to make decisions that take into account all the inhabitants of the northern Nordic region, education is needed about the Sami's view of people's relationship with the Nordic region and the larger society.

The working group People, nature & adaptation
The North Skull Conference 2022


The Nordic region of the future must be accessible

Having a background, culture and a home is important for everyone. Being part of something is a significant part of shaping one's personality. It is something that can be maintained in many ways. We who live here in Tornedalen, on a border between two Nordic countries, have a lot of culture and history to take part in. It is extra important that we young people get to learn more about how it was before. The story behind a common culture between two different countries is instructive. This is something that I think should be taught more in school. Having such an interesting local history just behind the knot is something you should be able to read and learn about.

For me, the Nordic region of the future must be accessible in different ways. Traveling, studying and living should be an opportunity in all the Nordic countries. For me as a young person, it is important that we maintain the open borders between the countries.

My perspective on the future of the Nordic region is a community without limitations.

#North Perspective

- Ebba, Tornedalen

[via Facebook]


Coordinate social security systems

Cross-border coordination of social insurance systems such as parental benefit and sickness benefit.

- The association Sundsvall / Timrå

[via workshop]



Cross-border horizontal communication with rail and roads.

- The Nordic Association Örnsköldsvik / Östersund

[via workshop]


Visit 2042

Victoria, Runmarö school


Life in the north - cooperation, nature and opportunities

More cross-border cooperation - ensure that people in the north have the same opportunities and rights as in the south. Then it may be best to work across borders and find common solutions.

- Maria, Rovaniemi


Solidarity, patience, reciprocity, cooperation, understanding

Bertil, Luleå

[via poster at the North Calotte Conference]


A Nordic region accessible to all

to be able to travel, work, find meeting places with residents in different parts of the Nordic region, to establish a "contact register" within the Nordic Association for us who want to meet.

Kathe Föreningen Norden Lerum


The future


Where did the collaboration on the North Calotte go?

Our generation has "grown up" with North Calotte conferences and various forms of collaboration between Nordic departments in the North Calotte, often sponsored by the North Calotte Council. Several years of Nordic co-operation that has created respect and trust between the actors involved. Today's young people have EU co-operation as a model and then, for obvious reasons, the North Cape co-operation ends up in the shadows.

In other words, our common biggest challenge is to engage more young people to become members of the Nordic Association.

Time to move from words to action! #North Perspective

-Ola, Haparanda

[via Facebook]