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This text is about a house I think might be built and what you need to survive and what you have to do for it to be flying. These are a house made up of the last metal that man has left and sometimes recycled aluminum or even old cars. The metal disappeared because all people used a lot of metal and now almost all the metal has disappeared so you have to recycle and reuse the metals. But you have solar cells up on the roof so you do not have to have nuclear power plants or something like that and then you have wind turbines under the clouds and you can adjust how far up or how far down it should be. The car is made of carbon fiber, rubber (for the tires), fiberglass, aluminum and renewable plastic. The white platform at the far end is the wind turbine. In the house itself there are many detectors. Radar for other houses or war vehicles or other vehicles. You also have rockets, rocket detectors and other explosive substances. Most houses will have a weapons room where you store and build weapons so that you can defend yourself against other people or other groups of people. If you do not have any weapons or people who can defend the house, they will be taken by other large groups of people because they have many and very dangerous weapons. The gray plate is a charging station for the car. To get water and food, you go down to the surface and fill a tank that holds 40,000 liters of clean fresh water. Salt water is used to flush the toilet so as not to waste clean fresh water. There are shops where you can buy food and other things. Buildings like this you need at least 2 families to be able to maneuver the house and at least 1 must be awake to check if they are any other houses, set a new destination for the house, check the radar and lots of other things that you have to keep track of. There is room for 20 people in the house and then there are 4-5 families who can fit in the house. Life has changed drastically since 2022 because they are for example people who want to invade you, go far to get food, may not get any water but they are better in some parts eg that you can fly with a house and then can you move easily and you do not have to worry about where you live because you can just fly to the next place and be there for a while. They are difficult but also easier in some ways, not only because the air is polluted and the water has risen and all countries have been divided into small colonies.

Oscar, Runmarö school

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The future 2042

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The future

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Visit 2042

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Together we are strong so into the Nordics

In the current turbulent times - after a pandemic and during a war in Europe - it is clear that closer and deeper Nordic co-operation is a necessity for the future.

We, representatives of the Nordic Association in Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland-Härjedalen, work for an open, collaborative and sustainable Nordic region. It means an international exchange through meetings, dialogue and co-operation across the Nordic borders. Such collaboration increases the knowledge, trust and togetherness between us who live in our common region.

Together, we can channel citizens' views on Nordic forms of co-operation and present these to decision-makers locally, regionally and nationally in the Nordic countries and autonomous territories.

The Nordic perspective must not be forgotten in a world where there seems to be an increasing focus on the national. We have so much in common and the Nordic region can be a unifying force in an increasingly troubled world. We believe that politicians at all levels in the Nordic region should promote and work for co-operation with a common Nordic perspective.

Right now, the Nordic Association in Sweden, Finland and Norway is collecting people's thoughts about the Nordic Region of the Future. We dream of a Nordic region where politicians take our common future in the Nordic countries into account when decisions are made about the social change that is taking place. It could be about access to health and care on two sides of a national border or well-functioning horizontal transport solutions across borders. This is how we can take advantage of and strengthen our common welfare.

Sundsvall on 23 April 2022

Bengt Lidström, chairman of the Nordic Association Umeå

Kristiina Oikari, chairman of the Nordic Association Sundsvall-Timrå

Berit Hägglund, chairman of the Nordic Association Örnsköldsvik

Anders Sundin, chairman of the Nordic Association Östersund Jämtland-Härjedalen

[published in Länstidningen 26 April and Östersundsposten 27 April]

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Scrap all wind turbines.

Anders, Gothenburg

[via Facebook]

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As the water seeks its own way down the mountain

As the water seeks its own way down the mountain, we in the North Calotte should have the opportunity to solve common obstacles to a sustainable environment and faith in the future. A legacy for future generations

Ola, Haparanda

- Own picture

[via Facebook]

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Consensus with nature

I dream of a Nordic region where we live in peace with each other and in the greatest understanding with our beautiful nature.

Margit, Boden

[via Facebook]

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Nordic payment solution

In August 2019, the Nordic prime ministers agreed on a new vision for the Nordic Council of Ministers, Vision 2030. The goal of the vision is for the Nordic region to become the world's most sustainable and integrated region. In a sustainable and integrated region, an integrated payment system by Swish and its counterparts in Norway and Finland would promote seamless movement across national borders. It would facilitate purchases at flea markets, as well as from small-scale local producers and artisans. The integrated payment system would benefit the hospitality and tourism industry, local small-scale producers and artisans who can operate in several markets to secure their income, as well as the individual visitor or private person in a border region.

The working group mobility, transport & border barriers
The North Skull Conference 2022

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Efficient transport

The Northern Hemisphere needs efficient transport that shortens travel time, allows commuting to workplaces in another location, and thus ensures regional competence and housing supply.

Working group Mobility, transport & border barriers
The North Skull Conference 2022

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A peaceful region

The goal is a peaceful region that constantly works both civilly and militarily for fellow human beings and their surroundings

Start a workgroup

2. Analyze what is available today and who is working

3. Joint Secretariat

4. Collaborate externally with others

Working Group on Peace and Security
The North Calotte Conference 2022

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Arenas to practice meeting and listening carefully

The distance between different groups and interests must be reduced, for example between those in power and residents, between country and city, between minority and majority. To counteract increased individualization and protectionism, we need to develop abilities to take in more perspectives and to listen to each other. And learn to understand that different perspectives can be superior in different issues. No perspective is constant. We must learn to respect differences.

The working group People, nature & adaptation
The North Skull Conference 2022

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