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Compulsory exchange experiences

Mandatory exchange experiences in the Nordics for Nordic youth to lay a good foundation for a more integrated and perhaps linguistically sustainable region


[via workshop]


A Nordic accessible to everyone

to be able to travel, work, find meeting places with residents in different parts of the Nordic region, to establish a "contact register" within the Nordic Association for those of us who want to meet.

Kathe Association Norden Lerum


Rail connection Bohuslän - Östfold

My future visions of a rail connection through Bohuslän and into Östfold via a bridge over the Idefjord that would make the old Bay united again would give this region an enormous development opportunity. Plus huge environmental gains as E6 would have a great relief in terms of traffic!

Christer, Bohuslän

[via Facebook]


Runmarö 2042 - My house


North perspective future car with wind turbines


Sandhamn in 2042


Together we are strong so into the Nordics

In the current turbulent times - after a pandemic and during a war in Europe - it is clear that closer and deeper Nordic co-operation is a necessity for the future.

We, representatives of the Nordic Association in Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland-Härjedalen, work for an open, collaborative and sustainable Nordic region. It means an international exchange through meetings, dialogue and co-operation across the Nordic borders. Such collaboration increases the knowledge, trust and togetherness between us who live in our common region.

Together, we can channel citizens' views on Nordic forms of co-operation and present these to decision-makers locally, regionally and nationally in the Nordic countries and autonomous territories.

The Nordic perspective must not be forgotten in a world where there seems to be an increasing focus on the national. We have so much in common and the Nordic region can be a unifying force in an increasingly troubled world. We believe that politicians at all levels in the Nordic region should promote and work for co-operation with a common Nordic perspective.

Right now, the Nordic Association in Sweden, Finland and Norway is collecting people's thoughts about the Nordic Region of the Future. We dream of a Nordic region where politicians take our common future in the Nordic countries into account when decisions are made about the social change that is taking place. It could be about access to health and care on two sides of a national border or well-functioning horizontal transport solutions across borders. This is how we can take advantage of and strengthen our common welfare.

Sundsvall on 23 April 2022

Bengt Lidström, chairman of the Nordic Association Umeå

Kristiina Oikari, chairman of the Nordic Association Sundsvall-Timrå

Berit Hägglund, chairman of the Nordic Association Örnsköldsvik

Anders Sundin, chairman of the Nordic Association Östersund Jämtland-Härjedalen

[published in Länstidningen 26 April and Östersundsposten 27 April]


Nordic Border Committee

Appoint a Nordic regional committee with the task of stimulating and facilitating practical border exchange.

The association Norden Umeå

[via workshop]


Nuclear power, NATO and common policies

In short: Sweden and Finland should jointly apply for membership in NATO if possible, given Finland's location, etc. Is there a need for more electricity than can now be produced in the north with a view to expanding industries etc in northern Sweden and increased transition for electricity-intensive processes and electric cars, and given the climate issue, investment should be made in new nuclear power in the Nordic region. It is good if we can have more of a common focus on politics, immigration policy, the judiciary, etc. so that we in the Nordic countries can become more equal.

Anders, Hudiksvall

[Submitted via web form]


Gamebook for sustainable development

Gamebook for sustainable development can be seen as an inspirational material: with small actions we can promote sustainable development.


Sandhamn 2042

Linnea, Runmarö school


North perspective future car with wind turbines

- Erik, Runmarö school