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Participate in the development of our common future. Upload your contribution to Nordperspektiv !

The changeover in northern Sweden is taking place quickly and leads to residents' perspectives being lost on the road. What is required is for more residents to have a say in how the changeover is to take place. Nordperspektiv contributes by offering a platform where residents can co-create the future.

The most thought-provoking proposals end up directly on the decision - makers' table.

➜ How do we grow to grow reasonably and sustainably?
➜ How can we residents be involved in the development?
➜ What are our dreams and visions for the future of our town or region?
➜ What do we want to preserve?

See the contributions below or upload your own .

Here we also publish contributions from other channels:
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Nordperspektiv is an initiative of the Nordic Association in Sweden, Finland and Norway.
Read more about what happens next at Nordperspektiv - Föreningen Norden
Nordperspektiv suomeksi Nordperspektiv suomeksi - Föreningen Norden


Delta i utvecklingen av vår gemensamma framtid. Ladda upp ditt bidrag till Nordperspektiv!

Omställningen i norra Sverige sker snabbt och leder till att invånares perspektiv riskerar att tappas bort på vägen. Vad som krävs är att fler invånare får tycka till om hur omställningen ska gå till. Nordperspektiv bidrar genom att erbjuda en plattform där invånarna får medskapa framtiden.

De mest tankeväckande förslagen hamnar direkt på beslutsfattarnas bord.

➜ Hur gör vi för att växa lagom och hållbart?
➜ Hur kan vi invånarna involveras i utvecklingen?
➜ Vad har vi för drömmar och visioner om framtiden i vår ort eller vår region?
➜ Vad vill vi bevara?

Se bidragen nedan eller ladda upp ditt eget.

Här publicerar vi också bidrag från andra kanaler:
vår webb, sociala medier och vår mail.

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Nordperspektiv är ett initiativ av Föreningen Norden i Sverige, Finland och Norge.
Läs mer om vad som händer sen på Nordperspektiv – Föreningen Norden
Nordperspektiv suomeksi Nordperspektiv suomeksi – Föreningen Norden

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What's your dream?

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1. Create a contribution - You choose the format and content. It can be anything from a wild dream to a concrete idea

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Give your contribution a category . You can choose between Dream for grants of a more abstract nature, or Idea for grants that have a concrete message. For an Idea , it should be possible to interpret what needs to be done.

4. Feel free to write your name , where you live or what you work with. It's fun to know more about who is behind the grant.

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3. Ge ditt bidrag en kategori. Du kan välja mellan Dröm för bidrag av mer abstrakt karaktär, eller Idé för bidrag som har ett konkret budskap. För en Idé bör det gå att uttolka vad som behöver göras.

4. Skriv gärna ditt namn, var du bor eller vad du jobbar med. Det är roligt att veta mer om vem som ligger bakom bidraget.

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Skriv direkt i vårt formulär: Nordperspektiv – Föreningen Norden
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Sweden and Finland in NATO

Sweden and Finland should apply for NATO membership.
When preparing the application, our two countries should consult
with current NATO members in the Nordic region.

Future negotiations must aim to achieve
increased Nordic defense co-operation within NATO. A necessary
rearmament can lead to a stronger common defense in
Northern Europe.

East Bohlin
member of Föreningen Nordens Stockholmsavdelning

(submitted to Föreningen Norden)

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Gender in Norrbotten

To create a more sustainable Norrbotten, an effort is needed from a gender equality and equality perspective. As a gender scientist, I feel a strong concern about not being able to stay in Luleå because there are no job opportunities to work and get an income in these matters. It is necessary for companies, municipalities and the region to prioritize this in order to retain the knowledge that they would otherwise otherwise lose. Gender equality and equality can no longer just be for managers to tick off their lists, but drastic measures need to be taken to get a more equal Norrbotten and in turn a more sustainable climate, because these are aspects that are deeply intertwined!

The illustration is created by me and symbolizes the struggle for equality.

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TV community

It would be great if we could watch each other's TV shows.
Hope that SVT can have more "joint programs" between the Nordic countries so that we become aware of our neighbors and can incorporate them (their existence, life and thoughts) into our sphere of thought.


[Submitted by email]

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Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

This is what some of us in grades 4-6 at Karesuando School think about our lives and our future.

3 0

Fællesnordiskt Nordkalottlän

A proposal for a better future in the north would be good if the three national North Cape governments could let go of the national, on trial. Bring the three northernmost counties together into a common administrative region, where the regional assemblies themselves had to agree on what details they wanted to pick from each national system - and in what order - to create a cohesive common and borderless everyday life and development platform. For this to work, of course, every national system must be made compatible with what such an experimental region chooses (a whimsical back road to an even more borderless Nordic region). This is how it is necessary - among other things - for stable daily physical communication routes Tromsö-Luleå-Rovaniemi-Kirkenes-Tromsö. Start with some delimited factual sub-areas and add gradually; education, welfare, industry, transport, culture, etc. Thus: Troms and Finnmark counties, Norrbotten county and Lapland county as a new joint Nordic and borderless North Calotte county. On trial for 20 years. As people in the area actually lived before the 14th century, national ties placed on the development between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Arctic Ocean.


[Submitted by email]

Photo: CC by Fenn-O-maniC - The North Calotte Council in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

What I dream of in the future.
Telma Töyrä

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The flow of ice

Teos esittää unelmaa arktisesta luonnosta, jossa jää saa myös tulevaisuudessa toteuttaa ikiaikaista kiertokulkuaan. Sataen puhtaana lumena pohjoisiin havumetsiin, jäätyen kanneksi jokiin, kantaen hiihtäjän, paljastaen kevään tullen sinivuokon, virraten kesäksi Jäämereen. Unelma, joka karkaa yhä etäämmälle, jos emme elä kestävästi.

Teoksen kantava teema on vesi, joka eri olomuodoissaan on elämän ja hyvinvoinnin edellytys pohjoisen ihmisille, eläimille ja kasveille. Tarvitsemme ilmastotekoja jäätiköiden ja ikiroudan sulamisen estämiseksi sekä sulamisen aiheuttamaien laajamittaisten ympäristötuhojen torjumiseksi.

Teokseen on käytetty kierrätysmateriaaleja. Se on maalattu akryylimaalilla ylijäämätapetille, joka muuten olisi päätynyt roskiin. Oksa, josta teos roikkuu, on löydetty maahan tippuneena. Mitat: corkscrew 230 cm, leveys 180 cm, syvyys 40cm.

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Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

We at Karesuando school year 4-6 dream about this.

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Where then went our eternity?
How we forgot
its sacred secret?
Our day became too short.
We strive for cramps,
we shape in battle
a work which shall be for ever -
and its essence is time.

-Karin Boye, "Eternity" from "For the sake of the tree"

Photo: Pencil on paper, Felix, 31 years old - Stockholm


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A united Nordic region

Our Nordic countries have a lot in common, but also a number of different cultures, which make our countries strong and interesting. This is a painting I painted from Riisitunturi in northern Finland. A fantastic magnificent mountain nature, with a fantastically beautiful and long winter, which I deeply wish should be preserved and not be affected by natural climate change. It is my hope and dream. I am a member of Kuusamo Pojhola Norden.

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Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

This is what Celina Asplund, Karesuando school year 5 thinks

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Gamebook for sustainable development

Gamebook for sustainable development can be seen as an inspirational material: with small actions we can promote sustainable development.

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