Idea (Concrete)

Gender in Norrbotten

To create a more sustainable Norrbotten, an effort is needed from a gender equality and equality perspective. As a gender scientist, I feel a strong concern about not being able to stay in Luleå because there are no job opportunities to work and get an income in these matters. It is necessary for companies, municipalities and the region to prioritize this in order to retain the knowledge that they would otherwise otherwise lose. Gender equality and equality can no longer just be for managers to tick off their lists, but drastic measures need to be taken to get a more equal Norrbotten and in turn a more sustainable climate, because these are aspects that are deeply intertwined!

The illustration is created by me and symbolizes the struggle for equality.


Sweden and Finland in NATO

Sweden and Finland should apply for NATO membership.
When preparing the application, our two countries should consult
with current NATO members in the Nordic region.

Future negotiations must aim to achieve
increased Nordic defense co-operation within NATO. A necessary
rearmament can lead to a stronger common defense in
Northern Europe.

East Bohlin
member of Föreningen Nordens Stockholmsavdelning

(submitted to Föreningen Norden)


TV community

It would be great if we could watch each other's TV shows.
Hope that SVT can have more "joint programs" between the Nordic countries so that we become aware of our neighbors and can incorporate them (their existence, life and thoughts) into our sphere of thought.


[Submitted by email]


Fællesnordiskt Nordkalottlän

A proposal for a better future in the north would be good if the three national North Cape governments could let go of the national, on trial. Bring the three northernmost counties together into a common administrative region, where the regional assemblies themselves had to agree on what details they wanted to pick from each national system - and in what order - to create a cohesive common and borderless everyday life and development platform. For this to work, of course, every national system must be made compatible with what such an experimental region chooses (a whimsical back road to an even more borderless Nordic region). This is how it is necessary - among other things - for stable daily physical communication routes Tromsö-Luleå-Rovaniemi-Kirkenes-Tromsö. Start with some delimited factual sub-areas and add gradually; education, welfare, industry, transport, culture, etc. Thus: Troms and Finnmark counties, Norrbotten county and Lapland county as a new joint Nordic and borderless North Calotte county. On trial for 20 years. As people in the area actually lived before the 14th century, national ties placed on the development between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Arctic Ocean.


[Submitted by email]

Photo: CC by Fenn-O-maniC - The North Calotte Council in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

This is what Celina Asplund, Karesuando school year 5 thinks


Gamebook for sustainable development

Gamebook for sustainable development can be seen as an inspirational material: with small actions we can promote sustainable development.


Nordic Swish

In August 2019, the Nordic prime ministers agreed on a new vision for the Nordic Council of Ministers, Vision 2030. The vision's goal is for the Nordic region to become the world's most sustainable and integrated region. In a sustainable and integrated region, an integrated payment system of Swish and its counterparts in Norway and Finland would promote seamless cross-border movement. This would facilitate purchases at flea markets, as well as from small-scale local producers and artisans. The integrated payment system would benefit the hospitality and tourism industry, local small-scale producers and artisans who can operate in multiple markets to secure their income, as well as the individual visitor or individual in a border region.

- Emelie - Helsingborg (own photo)



Our life, our future, our dreams of our homeland

Hilma Niva, Karesuando school year 5 dreams of this in the future Karesuando


Healthcare and care across borders.

In the northern Nordic countries, the distances are long, we live and often operate on two different national borders. Community services, such as pharmacies, may be geographically closer to Finland than to Sweden. In a future Nordic region, I as a Swedish citizen would be able to pick up prescription medicine in the pharmacies closest to me. Whether it is in Sweden or Finland. It would also be valuable with elderly care and home health care that could have a catchment area on both sides of a national border.



Facilitate the Nordic media landscape

Facilitate the exchange between the Nordic countries' media by removing the payment wall for, for example, TV and print.

- The association Norden Umeå

[via workshop]


Protect the forest! - Biodiversity instead of simplicity

I dream of a Nordic region where constructive co-operation can prevent the last real forests - then not tree fields called forests! - from being protected for all time to come. A Nordic region that thus cooperates for biological diversity, something that is now too often instead ground down to biological simplicity!

The picture of devastated forest is taken from Lillpite in Norrbotten, but could just as easily come from any of the real forests that are felled on the assembly line right now.

Lars, Piteå

[via Facebook]


Common time zone in the Nordics?

Soon it's time to switch to winter time again. We can do it. Nevertheless, more and more of us think that the advantages of two adjustments to the clock each year do not outweigh the disadvantages. In March 2019, the European Parliament said the same thing. The aim is now set for Europe to stop switching to and from summer time in 2021. Maybe some countries choose to keep summer time all year round, others choose normal time. Do we get a patchwork quilt with time zones in Europe?

For me, it is important that the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden agree on a common time zone.

We are used to Finland being one hour ahead of the other Scandinavian countries. When the Finns have time for work, Swedes, Norwegians and Danes are on their way out of bed. But is not it time to change that now? The benefits would be great, both practically and symbolically.

The westernmost point of our four countries is in Norway. The easternmost point of the countries is in Finland, but just over 30 km further east than Norway's easternmost point. It is two hours between zenith in the easternmost and westernmost parts of our countries.

If Norway can live with one and the same time zone for its entire country, the entire Nordic region can do so. Finland can adapt to the other countries, but it is also possible to do the opposite.

Ideally, the Baltic countries should also be included in the time zone. No Baltic country has its easternmost point further east than Finland.

The difficulty with a common time zone for the Nordic and Baltic countries is how it relates to neighboring countries. Denmark and Sweden want e.g. included in the same time zone as Germany and others. countries on the continent. Is it important for Finland to be part of the same time zone as western Russia? Hardly now after Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Now is the time to start a collaboration on what the watches in the Nordics will show in the future. Now that the corona crisis has subsided - why not hold a seminar at government level in the waiting room at Haparanda-Torneå travel center? Two buses can depart from there at the same time, where the clock of one bus shows 11 (en route to Sweden) and the other 12 (en route to Finland).

Bo, Malmö

[via mail]


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